Практика кундалини-йоги и натуропатии в работе с зависимостями (Цюрих)

Практика кундалини-йоги и натуропатии в работе с зависимостями (Цюрих)

Уникальный семинар в Цюрихе 25-26 Апреля по работе с зависимостями через практику кундалини-йоги, дыхания, медитации, здорового питания и приемов восточной медицины.

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Addictions and destructive behaviours become in many lives a norm, some cannot even say any more they have it..But how about bunch of pills everyday with or without real reason? staying in internet, TV or games without control?

These days we become probably more «civilized» addicts, which isn’t any better. Still we believe there is a chance to realise our true human potential in full. Kundalini yoga together with nutrition, physical excersizes, herbs can be your first step towards happy, open, sincere life. Join workshop with Carolyn Cowan 25-26.04 in Zurich.

Workshop is in English but if translation is needed, let us know.
We invite all levels students and also would like to understand demand for yoga teachers training on this topic in Zurich.

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